World's First

We are combining 2 Fundamentals:

  1. Video is the KING of Content
  2. Search is a BASIC human and organisational need

Of all digital formats, videos are the most difficult to search. 80% of internet traffic are videos today. If your organisation has a library of video assets and would like to get some intelligence, want make sense out of them or extract data from, we are exactly what you need!

To index and search videos, we use a combination of highly advanced technologies like Speech Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Video OCR, Image, Face, Emotion and Object Recognition. There's simply nothing like that in the market today.  

With the World's First Video-Search-as-a-Service (VSaaS), you do not need to any capital investments (no risk), and just pay-as-you-use. Our Video Search engine focuses these main areas:

You can pick and choose one or more areas that you would like us to analyse into your videos. 

This Video-Service-as-a-Service (VSaaS) is part of a entire suite of video solution by VideoSpace. We will also be looking at getting more accurate results and adding more search parameters as newer technology emerge. This is just the beginning!