Detect Emotions in your Videos

Emotion Detection is an extension of the Face Detection video search that returns analysis on multiple emotional attributes from the faces detected, including happiness, sadness, fear, anger, and more.

  • Recognize the emotion of a person or crowd over time based on the facial expressions in the video
  • Can recognize and detect individual reactions in a crowd
  • Recognize 8 specific emotions:
    1. happiness
    2. sadness
    3. surprise
    4. anger
    5. contempt
    6. fear
    7. digest
    8. neutral
  • Identify emotions based on expressions that psychological research has identified as universal

Use Case


Audience Sentiments - We will be able to track the overall sentiment OR up to 64 individual facial emotional response over time within the video. 

Without Artificial Intelligence, this is a process a human will struggle to keep spot and keep track. Applicable to scenarios like:

  • Speeches
  • Focus groups
  • CCTV - User responses/reactions