Detect Faces in your Videos

Face detection finds and tracks human faces within a video. Multiple faces can be detected and subsequently be tracked as they move around, with the time and location returned.


During tracking, it will attempt to give a consistent ID to the same face while the person is moving around on screen, even if they are obstructed or briefly leave the frame.

  • Detect faces that appear in videos
  • Detect up to 64 human faces in a video
  • Track movement of faces over multiple frames
  • Analyze the output metadata that provides information about timestamps and face locations

Frontal faces provide the best results, while side faces and small faces (less than or equal to 24x24 pixels) might not be as accurate.

Use Case


Face Tracking - our system can identify and track movement of unique human faces. Therefore, it is possible for our system to perform a headcount of human traffic within the video. 

This will be useful to analyze human traffic within a mall, street or even a restuarant or cafe!