Detect Motion in your Videos

Our Motion Detection Video Search enables you to efficiently identify sections of interest within an otherwise long and uneventful video.


Motion detection can be used on static camera footage to identify sections of the video where motion occurs. Essentially, we can:

  • Detect when motion has occurred in videos with stationery backgrounds
  • Eliminate false positives caused because of light changes, shadows, small insects, and others

This service will analyze the video inputted and output metadata for which frames motion is detected. This technology is able to differentiate between real motion (such as a person walking into a room), and false positives (such as leaves in the wind, along with shadow or light changes). This allows you to generate security alerts from camera feeds without being spammed with endless irrelevant events, while being able to extract moments of interest from extremely long surveillance videos.

Imagine the amount of time saved eyeballing if you have hundreds and thousands of videos!

Use Case


Security CCTV - With the increasing need for security, the industry is faced with an increasing massive amount of CCTV footage.

Human eyeballing these massive amount of CCTV footage is not longer a financial viable solution industry-wide.  

Instead of the entire screen, we are able to customize specific and targeted zone to detect motion for higher accuracy.