Search OBJECTS in your Videos

This feature returns information about visual content found inside a video. Object Detection enables us to detect entities (like cat, flower, computer, etc.) and pinpoint the exact location there is the scene(s) appear inside the video. 

video search engine object detection

Object Detection helps you better understand the overall content of your videos based on objects detected within the video. It also gives you a time-based understanding on when each object appears within the video.  This service uses tagging and domain-specific models to identify content and label it with confidence. 

Currently, we are able to detect approximately 10,000 objects in numerous object categories. This service will improves over time as new concepts are introduced and accuracy is improved. 

Use Case


Video Library and Catalog - helps you index and search the overall content of your video library or catalog based on objects detected within the video

Using Object Detection along with other Video Search element (e.g. Speech, Text, etc.) gives you a more complete understanding of videos that you possess. 

This is especially useful for Video SEO.