Offensive Content Moderation

With more than 70% of internet traffic being video, online viewers are generating billions of video views across popular and regional social media web sites with increasing speed and volume. Automated moderation applies machine learning and AI to cost-effectively moderate at scale.


It's almost impossible to human "eyeball" every minute of video content. But with proactive detection of adult content in your video files, you can significantly lower the cost of your moderation efforts. Furthermore, gaining this type of early insight can enable you to make better decisions and create safer experiences for your customers.

  • Detect pornography, racism, profanity, violence, and other content that you want to moderate in video
  • Save money and reduce errors by avoiding the need to hire human content moderators to screen for offensive, illicit, and inappropriate content

Use Case


User Generated Videos - Video moderation can be used for video publishing sites, news sites, and video content sites, to take a few examples.

With the massive increase in user-generated content (UGC) and videos, it's next to impossible to human eyeball all these video content. Our system will be able to spot these illicit and inappropriate content automatically.