Search SPEECH in your Videos

Current search engines can only search for "Title" and "Metadata" of your video. What if you want to search the content INSIDE the videos? Now you can with VideoSpace Video Search using state-of-the-art Speech Recognition technology! 


    Currently, for speech recognition, we are able to index and search words spoken in over 100 languages.


    Under ideal conditions, accuracy can go as high as 95%. However, there are a range of factors (like accent, speech volume, diction, background noise, multiple voices speaking at the same time, etc) that can affect the accuracy rate. 

    Use Case


    Media Library - If your organisation has a a media library consisting of video and audio clips, this is the perfect way to extract intelligence from these digital assets. 

    Besides the ability to search, we can also enable you to subtitle and translate in more than 50 languages!