The Ultimate SEO Engine!

Think about it, how do you create SEO content from videos now? You can't! That's because you would have to manually create SEO content by writing a descriptive summary and tagging the video.

But imagine if you can AUTOMATICALLY create MASSIVE amount of SEO content from videos by extracting SPEECHTEXT and OBJECTS. Typically, a person can speak about 9,000 words per hour and adding all the text that appeared in the video, that would mean massive amount of SEO content from your videos. We will also automatically generate tags (keywords) using Artificial Intelligence. On top of that, we can add machine translation service if you would like to create SEO content in another language. For this optional translation service, we have a total of 450 language pairs to choose from. 

    In summary, this is what we can automatically generate for Video SEO:

    • Speech
    • Text
    • Objects
    • Tagging (Keyword, Objects)
    • Translation (Optional)

    Use Case


    SEO Marketing - If your organisation or customer has a media library consisting of video and audio clips, this is the perfect way to extract MASSIVE amount of Video SEO from these digital assets. 

    SEO from video is literally the final frontier for automatic content creation!